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Helipad & Helideck Lights

Q Aviation has built a worldwide reputation for designing and producing reliable products for hazardous areas in Offshore. Q Aviation has analyzed the specific needs of the offshore oil and gas industry and tailored its products accordingly. These products must be safe and function properly. At Q Aviation we understand the customer's requirements and tailor our products accordingly. Thanks to good mutual cooperation with the customer, our leading self-produced products regarding navigation and helideck lights are completely tailored to the needs of the customer, anywhere in the world.

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All our products are made of the highest possible material and compliance to all aviation regulations. The Helipad and Helideck products are compliance to ICAO and FAA.

Offshore oil and gas industry

We produce and supply Helideck Lighting Equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry, such as our NEWEST PRODUCT THE Q-HMS REPEATER LIGHT SYSTEM and  HAPI System,  Marking (TD / PM) Circle-H lighting,  Perimeter Light,  Floodlight,  Obstruction Lights,  Wind Direction Indicators and Control Systems

Offshore Products

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Q-HMS Repeater Light System

by Q Aviation / 11 November, 2020

From April 2021 the new CAP437 safety update will come into effect for floating helidecks. The new revision of the CAP437 includes a lighting system which is controlled by the Helideck Monitoring system (HMS). This system includes 4 lights, that will be placed at each corner of the helideck for omnidirectional visibility, the lights are connected to a control panel.

The Q-HMS Repeater Light System (Q40RI03L) provides to the pilot a live status of the motion and wind conditions of the helideck which are monitored by the HMS system, the status of the helideck’s condition is measured by the HMS system and communicated into different light colours through the Q-HMS Repeater Light System. The Q-HMS Repeater Light System can be integrated into all HMS manufacturers.

Orange Windsock

by Q Aviation / 11 September, 2018

Proud to present our latest high-end windsock assembly. This model is FAA orange powdercoated. It is both available in a portable and/or solar solution as a rigid solution. The perfect solution for your airport.

India: The result of a week of hard work

by Q Aviation / 20 August, 2018

On August 20th the Q-Aviation team has finished another offshore project in India. The complete helideck lighting from Q-Aviation has been installed, tested and already in use. On the video taken by a drone you will find a complete overview of all the Q-Aviation lights such as: Q-Perimeter Light, Q-Floodlight, Q-Status Light, Q-Status Light Repeater, C&H System, HAPI with Stabilization platform, Obstruction Lights and the Wind Direction Indicator.

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