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Offshore products

Offshore lighting products

Q Aviation has already built up a worldwide reputation for designing and producing safe, reliable Offshore lighting products. Q Aviation has studied the specific needs of the offshore oil and gas industry. The products produced must comply with strict regulations and work reliably and efficiently at all times. At Q Aviation Offshore we understand what the requirements of the customer are.

Offshore lighting products

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Helideck Lights

Thanks to good cooperation, our leading navigation aids for navigation and helideck lighting solutions are tailored to your needs, no matter where in the world. Q Aviation's helideck control system includes the necessary operation and stable operation of the helideck: Q-HAPI System - Q-HAPI Stabilization System - Q-TD/PM System - Q-PERIMETER LIGHT - Q-Flushmount Perimeter Light - Q-Floodlight - Q-Status Light System - Q-Status Light Repeater - Q-WDI Internally Lighted SS316 - Obstruction Lights - Hapi controller -

Our Products

Q Aviation has built a worldwide reputation for designing and producing reliable products compliance for Offshore & Onshore lighting industry. Q Aviation has analyzed the specific needs of the offshore oil and gas industry and tailored its products accordingly. These products must be safe and function properly. All our products are made of the highest possible material and compliance to all aviation regulations. The Helipad and Helideck products are compliance to ICAO and FAA.

At Q Aviation we understand the customer's requirements and tailor our products accordingly.

Thanks to good mutual cooperation with the customer, our leading self-produced products regarding navigation and helideck lights are completely tailored to the needs of the customer, anywhere in the world.

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