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  • Q-HAPI - Helideck & Helipad Lighting Equipment

    Q-Aviation HAPI
    Helicopter Approach
    Path Indicator

    The Q Aviation HAPI is available in three basic models

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Helipad lighting

    Q-Aviation - manufacturer of Helipad Lighting Equipment.

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Q-Aviation Floodlight Equipment

    Q-Aviation - manufacturer of Helipad Lighting Equipment.

  • Q-Aviation Perimeter Light Equipment

    Lighting Equipment

    Q-Aviation is the Dutch manufacturer of Helipad Lighting Equipment.

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Installation and

    Q aviation specializes in installation and assembly of helideck and
    helipad lighting equipment..

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Wind Direction

    The SS316 Wind Direction Indicator is the Offshore solution for
    the perfect Wind Direction indication.

Helipad Lighting systems

Q-Aviation is the Dutch manufacturer of Helipad Lighting systems. All products are made of the highest possible material and according to all aviation regulations. View products like HAPI, Windsocks, Perimeter lights, Floodlights, Beacon lights and Obstruction Lights, read more about our Helipad Lighting systems!

Helicopter Approach Path Indicator

The Q-HAPI system provides the necessary visual information to place the helicopter on the ideal approach slope path. Pilots can easily determine if their approach is too high, too low, or correctly on slope through combinations of red and green lights. The Q-HAPI is available in three basic models with multiple configuration options to comply to ICAO requirements.


Perimeter lights, spaced at intervals of not more than 3 m, should be fitted around the perimeter of the landing area of the helideck. For any helideck where the D-value is greater than 16.00 m, the perimeter lights should not exceed a height of 25 cm above the surface of the helideck.

Flushmount Perimeter Light

The Q-Flushmount Helipad Perimeter Light is an ICAO compliance 50 cd perimeter light for all Helipad and Heliport facilities where flush installation is preferred. The Q-Flushmount Helipad Perimeter Light is available in several configurations such as 100240 Vac and 24 Vdc.


An Approach light fato system is provided at a heliport where it is desirable and practicable to indicate a preferred approach direction. The approach lighting system is located in a straight line along the preferred direction of approach.

Floodlight Equipment

Safe passenger disembarking and surface illumination is the power of the Q-Floodlight. Because of its sleek design and easy to install baseplate, the Q-Floodlight is the perfect addition to your Heliplatform. For some decks it may be beneficial to improve depth perception by floodlighting the main structure or 'legs' of the platform.


The Q-Beacon Light system is to indicate the location of the helideck, heliport or heliplatform. The lighting system is dimmable to avoid dazzling during the final stages of the approach and landing.

Obstruction Lights

Q-Aviation Obstruction Lights are low intensity or medium intensity class aircraft warning lights. The different types of AWL/obstruction lights comply to FAA, ICAO and CAA regulations. The obstruction lights are suitable for every high structure such as: wind turbines, explosion risk zones, chimneys, tower cranes, flares, buildings, pylons, water tanks and chemical petro.

Q-Helipad wind direction indicator

The SS316 Wind Direction Indicator is the Offshore solution for the perfect Wind Direction indication. All Q-Aviation Wind Direction Indicators come factory standard with a full LED solution. Our products are therefore highly power efficient with low maintenance costs.

Wind direction indicator-full frangible

The Internally lighted Full Frangible Wind Direction indicator comes as a full LED solution. The Frangible mast makes this wind direction indicator suitable to place near to the landing area. If a vehicle accidentally hits this unit, then the mast of the Wind Direction Indicator breaks rather than causing serious damage to the vehicle. This version of Q-aviation Wind Direction Indicator series, is for safety reasons a very good option.

Helipad radio control systems

The WMR control comes with a build in FAA L-854 Radio control system, so the pilot can switch on the lights when the landing procedure starts. The Radio Control System (WMR series) has a range of 4 kilometres.

Helipad control systems

The Q-Control WMS1 has six switches that can be manually switched on and off. In addition to these switches, the Q-Control WMS2 to WMS7 comes with more solutions.

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