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About us

"Q-Aviation is manufacturer of Helideck and Heliport lighting equipment. Q stands for quality, which is why we value our Q in all aspects of our company. Our employees are well stimulated in order to achieve a higher quality with mutual benefits to the market."

Q Aviation - Helideck lighting


"Founded in 2016. Q-Aviation is the new standard of aviation lighting."

Company History
In early 2016, Q-Aviation was founded and started the production of aviation lights focused on Heliport and Helideck lighting. Thanks to a fresh look in the market and innovative products, Q-Aviation managed to get much attention.

In 2017, Q-Aviation moved its headquarters to its current location in one of the main streets of the industrial field of Middelburg (The Netherlands) and doubled staff size from four to eight full-time workers.
2018 is marked by obtaining the ATEX QAN / IECEx QAR certificate and a staff count of 22.
Now in 2019, Q-Aviation is designing, producing, assembling and testing the biggest range of aviation products manufactured under one single brand.

Q Aviation - Helipad lighting

Mission statement

“Q for Quality”

The mission of Q-Aviation is to become the number one go-to brand in the aviation market. We will accomplish this by producing cost-effective quality and selling customer-specific solutions. That is why we would like to pave the way for you in making an order as smooth as possible. Quality is a habit that has been adopted into the Q-working principles. Quality to us means:

Working according to the latest quality management standard ISO9001:2015, combined with both IEC 80079-34 (QAR) and the ATEX EU Directive 2017/34/EU (QAN).

Developing and producing new products that satisfy the requirements of both the International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres (IECEx System) and the European Union ATEX Directive 2017/34/EU.

Delivering products in compliance with applicable regulations.

Delivering in sharp times or from stock.

Stimulate employees to improve the production process.

Automate our system to tackle human error.

Transparency towards all customers.

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding our quality management.

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