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About us

"Q-Aviation is manufacturer of Helideck and Heliport lighting equipment. Q stands for quality, which is why we value our Q in all aspects of our company. Our employees are well stimulated in order to achieve a higher quality with mutual benefits to the market."

Q Aviation - Helideck lighting


"Founded in 2016. Q-Aviation is the new standard for Aviation products."

Request to the market
Nowadays the Heli platform becomes more demanding and fast hands-on mentality is requested at all cost. At Q-Aviation we believe that a long-term business to business relationship is requested in order to respond to this change of mentality. We believe that when a customer has complete insight in our current stock database, datasheets and delivery terms, he can respond to his customer in a matter of minutes. The request for datasheets and the ability to compare products over the internet has made drastic changes to the world. We believe that when we offer our customers transparency, we can build a long term relationship.

Q Aviation - Helipad lighting

Mission statement

“Q stands for Quality”

Mission background
We at Q-Aviation believe that every hour counts. That is why we would like to pave the way for you in making an order as smooth as possible. Quality is a habit that has been adopted into the Q working principles. Quality to us means:

Feel free to ask us any questions regarding our quality management.

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