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  • CAP437
  • Safe area Atex / Zone 1


    CAP437 ICAO

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    IP67 CE ROHS

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Details Q-Floodlight

The Q - Offshore Flood light is a CAP437 compliance 5 00 0 cd floodl ight for Helidecks. The Q - Offshore Flood light has special optics which causes no dazzling pilots due to the precise angles of the 5.000 cd light output. The Q - Offshore Floodl ight is available in several conf igurations such as 100 - 2 4 0 Vac and 24 Vdc.

The floodlighting should be arranged so as not to dazzle the pilot and, if elevated and located off the landing area clear of the Limited Obstacle Sector (LOS), the system should not present an obstacle to helicopters landing and taking off from the helideck. All floodlights should be capable of being switched on and off at the pilot"s request. Setting up of lights should be undertaken with care to ensure that the issues of adequate illumination and glare are properly addressed and regularly checked. For some decks it may be beneficial to improve depth perception by floodlighting the main structure or "legs" of the platform.

Order code Q12RI03 – Offshore Floodlight

Q12RI03–11R1 Input power: 100-240 Vac
Q12RI03–12R1 Input power: 24 Vdc

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Additional Information
Article Number: Q12RI03
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation
HS-Code: 94054031
Warranty: 2 Years
Product Specifications Q-Floodlight
Application: Helideck
Zone: Safe Area
Light Color: White (5700K)
Light Source: LED (6.000K)
Light Intensity: 5.000 cd
Vertical Beam Profile: as per ICAO/CAP437
Colour chromaticity: as per ICAO/CAP437
Enclosure: Aluminium, Powder coated
Mounting: Rigid
Input Voltage: 100 - 240 Vac or 24 Vdc
Tested Ambient Temp: - 25° to +65° C
Cable side entries:2 x M25x1.5
Consumption: 6 Watt
Life expectancy: 100.000+ hours
Cable: 2 x M25 x 1.5 Cable Glands
Suitable For: Safe Area
Earth Connection: M4
Ingress Protection: IP 67
In Compliance With: CAP437
Cable glands included: 2 x M25x1.5
Size and Dimension
Weight: 2. 70 kg.
Dimension: 309x155 x 160 mm (LxWxH)
Dimension Packaging: 350 x 20 0x200 mm (LxWxH)
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