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Q-TLOF Perimeter Light Frangible



Technical details


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The Q-TLOF Perimeter Light Frangible is a ICAO compliance 50 cd perimeter light for all Helipad and Heliport facilities. The Q-Helipad Perimeter Light (TLOF) is available in several configurations such as 100-240 VAC and 24 VDC.

Perimeter lights, spaced at intervals of not more than 3 m, should be fitted around the perimeter of the landing area of the helideck. For any helideck where the D-value is greater than 16.00 m, the perimeter lights should not exceed a height of 25 cm above the surface of the helideck.

Order code Q10FR03 - Q-TLOF Perimeter Light Frangible

11 Input power: 100-240 VAC
12 Input power: 24 VDC

NA Excluding IR
IR   Including IR

Additional Information

Article Number: Q10FR03
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation B.V.
HS-Code: 94054039
Warranty: 2 Years

Product Specifications

Application: Helipad
Suitable For: Safe Area
Zone: Safe Area
MAX. No. of units: 20 units on a C16A Circuit breaker
Inrush Current: 70A / 120µs
Light Color: Green, 530nm
Light Source: LED, steady burning
Light Intensity: 50 cd
Enclosure: Aluminium, Powder coated RAL5015 / Borosilicate glass
Mounting: Frangible, 4x M8
External earthing: up to 4mm2 / AWG 12
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC or 24 VDC
Cable: H07RN-F 3x2,5mm²
Tested Ambient Temp: -25°C to + 60°C
Incompliance with: ICAO annex 14, CAP437
Cable side entries: 2 x M25x1.5
Cable glands included: 2 x M25x1.5
Cable outer dimension : 12 - 19mm
Consumption: 8 Watt
Life expectancy: 100.000+ hours
Ingress Protection: IP67
Cable glands: 2 x M25x1.5 (side)
Cable size: 12 - 19mm
Ambient temp: -25°C to + 60°C

Size and Dimension

Weight: 4.5Kg
Dimension: 200x200x192mm (LxWxH)
Dimension Packaging: 250x250x250mm (LxWxH)
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