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Obstruction Lights

  • CAP437 Low intensity
    CAP168 Low intensity
  • Certificates

    CAP437 ICAO

    Technical details

    IP67 CE ROHS

    Datasheet, Manuals and Drawings

Details Q-Obstruction Light Low Intensity 10 cd

The Q-Obstruction Light is a ICAO & CAP437 compliance 10 cd Obstruction light for all facilities . The Q-Obstruction Light is available in the configurations 100-240 Vac and 24 Vdc.

The Q-Aviation low intensity obstacle lights are used where the object is a less extensive one and its height above the surrounding ground is less than 45 m. Q-Aviation low intensity 10 cd lights are used for obstacles on the movement area where 32 cd lights may cause dazzle.

Omnidirectional low intensity steady red obstruction lights conforming to the specifications for low intensity obstacle lights having a minimum intensity of 10 candelas for angles of elevation between 0 degrees and 30 degrees should be fitted at suitable locations to provide the helicopter pilot with visual information on the proximity and height of objects which are higher than the landing area and which are close to it or to the LOS boundary. This should apply, in particular, to all crane booms on the installation.

Order code Q80RI03 – Obstruction Light 10cd

Q80RI03–11R1 Input power: 100-240 Vac
Q80RI03–12R1 Input power: 24 Vdc

Additional Information

Article Number: Q80RI03
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation
HS-Code: 94054031
Warranty: 2 Years

Product Specifications Q-Obstruction Light Low Intensity 10 cd

Application: Obstruction Lighting
Zone: Safe Area
Light Color: Red, 630 nm
Light Source: LED , steady burning
Light Intensity: 10 cd
Vertical Beam Profile: as per CAP437/ICAO/CAP168
Colour chromaticity: as per CAP437/ICAO/CAP168, 630nm
Enclosure: Aluminium, Powder coated
Mounting: Pole mounted, 1’’ NPT
Input Voltage: 1) 100- 240 Vac 50- 60 Hz
2) 24 Vdc
Tested Ambient Temp: -25° to +65° C
Cable side entries:1” NPT
Consumption: 3 Wat
Life expectancy: 100.000+ hours
Suitable For: Safe Area
Earth Connection: M4
Ingress Protection: IP 67
In Compliance With: CAP437 Low intensity
CAP168 Low intensity
Cable glands included: 0, not included

Size and Dimension

Weight: 1.20 kg.
Dimension: 137x 137x 127 mm (LxWxH)
Dimension Packaging: 200x200x200 mm (LxWxH)
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