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Helideck Lighting systems

Q Aviation's Helideck Lighting systems includes the necessary operation and stable operation of the helideck: Our Newest product the HAPI (Helicopter Approach Path Indicator) and the Circle / H, Windsocks, Perimeter, Flood, Status and Obstruction Lights.

Q Hapi system incl. platform

  • Helideck lighting systems / Q Hapi system incl. platform

The Q-HAPI system provides the necessary visual information to place the helicopter on the ideal approach slope path. Pilots can easily determine if their approach is too high, too low, or correctly on slope through combinations of red and green lights. The Q-HAPI is available in three basic models with multiple configuration options to comply to ICAO requirements.


Q-Hapi stabilization system

  • Helideck lighting systems / Q-Hapi stabilization system

The STB233 is designed primarily for the Q-HAPI system. it stabilizes on the Bank (X) and Elevation (Y) axis so that the mounting arm with its Q-HAPI System will always stay level, regardless of the motions of the vessel. The gyro-stabilized platforms are built around a rugged pan and tilt mechanism. This high resolution digital system uses the best wide bandwidth, low noise, solid-state gyros. The whole system is user configurable.

TD/PM Circle-H lighting

  • Helideck lighting systems / TD/PM Circle-H lighting

Marking TDPM / Circle H lights - The lit TD/PM Circle is superimposed on the yellow painted marking. It comprises a concentric circle of at least 16 discrete lighting segments. The elements have a width of 100 mm. A single circle is positioned at the mean radius of the painted circle of the Helideck. As stated in CAP437 the lighting segments provide coverage between 50% and 75% of the circumference and are equidistantly placed with the gaps between them not less than 0,5 m. The mechanical housing is yellow powder coated and grip coated.


  • Helideck lighting systems / Q-PERIMETER LIGHT

Perimeter lights, spaced at intervals of not more than 3 m, should be fitted around the perimeter of the landing area of the helideck. For any helideck where the D-value is greater than 16 m, the perimeter lights should not exceed a height of 25 cm above the surface of the helideck.



  • Helideck lighting systems / Q-Floodlight

FLOODLIGHT EQUIPMENT - Safe passenger disembarking and surface illumination is the power of the Q-Floodlight. Because of its sleek design and easy to install baseplate, the Q-Floodlight is the perfect addition to your Heliplatform. For some decks it may be beneficial to improve depth perception by floodlighting the main structure or 'legs' of the platform.

Q- Status Light Repeater

  • Helideck lighting systems / Q- Status Light Repeater

The Q-Offshore Status light repeater is a CAP437 compliance 60 cd 120FPM flashing light for all offshore facilities. The status light repeater works as Slave and the Q14RI03 Status Light is required as a master. Both Status lights must be connected to the Status light controller.

Wind Direction Indicator

  • Helideck lighting systems / Wind Direction Indicator

The Internally lighted Wind Direction indicator comes as a full LED solution. The complete SS316 exterior and 360 degree rotatable top unit makes this wind direction indicator is suitable for all applications

Obstruction Lights

  • Helideck lighting systems / Obstruction Lights

Q-Aviation Obstruction Lights are low intensity or medium intensity class aircraft warning lights. The different types of AWL/obstruction lights comply to FAA, ICAO and CAA regulations. The obstruction lights are suitable for every high structure such as: wind turbines, explosion risk zones, chimneys, tower cranes, flares, buildings, pylons, water tanks and chemical petro.


Hapi controller

  • Helideck lighting systems / Hapi controller

The Q-HAPI is very easy to adjust on site by and it is designed to be visible during day- and night-time. The intensity of the Q-HAPI can be manually switched during night-time or daytime to the following intensities: 10%, 30% and 100% according to ICAO annex 14.

Helideck control systems

  • Helideck lighting systems / Helideck control systems

The Q-Control is the standard solution for switching on and off your lighting groups on the helideck, heliport or any Heli platform. The basic functions are implemented by using only high quality branded components. The Q-Control operate 2 groups for the status light and the TD/PM system and has 6 free groups of 16A each. This makes the Q-Control the ideal solution for any helideck, heliport or any Heli platform

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