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Offshore | Q-TD/PM SystemQ-TD/PM circle-H lightingOffshore Q-TD/PM SystemQ-TouchDown and Positioning Marker Circle-HQ-TD/PM SystemQ-TouchDown and Positioning Marker Circle-HQ-TD/PM SystemQ-TouchDown and Positioning Marker Circle-HQ-TD/PM SystemQ-TouchDown and Positioning Marker Circle-H

Q-TD/PM circle-H lighting

  • ICAO annex 14, CAP437
  • Safe area Atex / Zone 1


    CAP437 ICAO

    Technical details

    IP67 CE ROHS

    Datasheet, Manuals and Drawings

Details Q-TD/PM System

Circle & H Lighting for helideck - TouchDown Positioning Marketing - (TD/PM) and Lit Heliport Identification Marking (H) is superimposed on the yellow painted marking. It comprises a concentric circle of at least 16 discrete lighting segments. The Elements have a width of 100mm. A single circle is positioned at the mean radius of the painted circle of the Helideck.

The lighting segments provide coverage between 50% and 75% of the circumference as stated in CAP437, and are equidistantly placed with the gaps between them not less than 0.5 m. The mechanical housing is powder-grip-coated for H-Unit white RAL9010 and for C-Unit yellow RAL1018.


The lighting segments are connected by special explosion proof cable connectors. The Cable Ducting System is mounted on the preassembled cable ducting brackets that are included on every system or parts of the Q-TDPM System. The SS316material of the Q-Cable Ducting System provides resistance of load and impacts and maintains the safety of the cable and passengers.

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Based on the CAP437 regulation the industry standard height is a maximum of 25 millimeters. The height of the Q-TDPM units is only 23 millimeters. The core of the Q-TDPM are the LEDs. The LEDs are designed with special side-emitting technology in accordance to CAP437 and have a high lifetime of 100.000 hours. The side emitting LEDs will provide an optimal beam in the lower angles in azimuth, in such a way that the Q-TDPM is visible from every gliding slope on the approach path.

Additional Information
Article Number: Q64RI03
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation B.V.
HS-Code: 94054039
Warranty: 2 Years
Product Specifications Q-TD/PM System
Application: Helideck
Hazardous area: Safe Area
Light Color Circle: Yellow
Light Color: H-Sytem: Green 530 nm
C-Sytem: Yellow590 nm
Light Source: LED, steady burning
Light Intensity: as per CAP437
Enclosure: H-Unit: Aluminium,white RAL9010 grip coated
C-Unit: Aluminium, yellow RAL1018 grip coated
Baseplate dimensions: H-Dimention: 4000 x 3000 x 4mm SS316
C-Unit Baseplate: 1300 x 341 x 4mm SS316
Light segment dimensions: H-segment: 744 x 100 x 19,5mm
C-Unit: 619 x 100 x 19,5mm
Mounting: Riveted / Bolted / Glued
Input Voltage: From Controller
External earthing: Base plate
Tested Ambient Temp: -25°C to + 60°C
Consumption: 90 Watt
Life expectancy: 100.000+ hours
Cable: H07RN-F 3x2,5mm²
Ingress Protection: IP67
In Compliance With: ICAO annex 14, CAP437
Size and Dimension
Weight: 30 kg per unit
Dimension: As per D-Value
Dimension Packaging: 1430x900x880mm (LxWxH) 900Kg
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