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Portable Taxi Light



Technical details


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Details Q-Portable Helipad - Taxi Light

The Q-Portable Taxi Light is low in maintenance Light and has an easy deployment. The Light fixture can be used as stand-alone Light or in a multiple Light system with an Q-Aviation Lighting case or Trailer kit.


  • Unique efficient optical design complies with ICAO regulation
  • Longer lifetime expectancy
  • Remote activation
  • 280 hrs of autonomy
  • Made in The Netherlands
  • Worldwide availble Battery
  • Mesh-System
  • Battery level indicator
  • NVG-Compatible
  • Use as a stand-alone Light, or in a multiple
    Light system with an Q-Aviation Lighting case or Trailer kit

Order code Q15PL

Additional Information

Article Number: Q15PL
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation B.V.
HS-Code: 94054031
Warranty: 2 Years

Product Specifications

Application: Temporary helipads, Emergency helipads, Temporary landing zone areas.
Light Colour: Blue, in compliance with ICAO
Light Source: LED, efficient output design
Light Intensity: as per ICAO and FAA
Vertical Beam Profile: as per ICAO and FAA
Range handheld: 1 km
Mounting: Portable, 4x SuperMagnet
Tested Ambient Temp: -25°C to + 50°C
Life expectancy: More than 10 years, 100.000+ hours
Ingress Protection: IP66
Charged: Wireless charging (12Vdc)
Lens: Polycarbonate, UV Stabilized

Size and Dimension

Weight: 5,6 kg

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