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Q Hapi system incl. platform



Technical details


Datasheet, Manuals and Drawings

Details Q-HAPI

The Q-HAPI system provides the necessary visual information to place the helicopter on the ideal approach slope path. Pilots can easily determine if their approach is too high, too low, or correctly on slope through combinations of red and green lights. The Q-HAPI is available in three basic models with multiple configuration options to comply to ICAO requirements.

The Q-HAPI system provides the necessary visual information to place the helicopter on the ideal approach slope path. The Q-HAPI is a lighting unit which emits four distinct types of light:

1. Flashing Green Light = Helicopter above the optimal approach slope (too high)
2. Fix Green Light = Helicopter on the slope
3. Fix Red Light = Helicopter slightly below the optimal slope (slightly too low)
4. Flashing Red Light = Helicopter below the optimal slope (too low)

The signal repetition rate of the flashing sectors must be greater than 2 Hz.
In accordance with ICAO, the HAPI is capable of adjustment in elevation at any desired angle between 1 and 12 degrees above the horizontal with an accuracy of +/- 5 minutes of arc. The Q-HAPI will switch off atomically when the vertical misalignment of a unit exceeds ±0.5 degrees (±30 minutes).

Additional Information

Article Number: Q72RI03
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation B.V.
HS-Code: 94054031
Warranty: 2 years

Product Specifications Q-HAPI

Application: Helideck
Zone: Safe Area
Light Color: Red (Flashing)/Green (Flashing)
Light Source: LED
Light Intensity: 9000 cd / 9000 cd
Vertical Beam Profile: ICAO annex 14, Volume II chapter 5.3.5
Enclosure: Powder coated Aluminum
Mounting: Rigid
Input Voltage: Via controller
Tested Ambient Temp: -30° to +70°C
Earth Connection: Yes
Ingress Protection: IP66
In Compliance With: ICAO annex 14, Volume II 5.3.5 FAA AC 150/5390-2C

Size and Dimension

Weight: 17Kg.
Dimension: 688 x 339 x 249 mm
Dimension Packaging: 800 x 500 x 500 mm
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