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Conductor SphereConductor SphereConductor SphereConductor SphereConductor SphereConductor Sphere

Conductor Sphere

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    Conductor Sphere - CAP437 CAP168 ICAO

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Details Conductor Sphere

The Aviation Obstruction Marking Sphere offers visual warnings for pilots near electricity transmission lines, especially high voltage lines spanning rivers. Made of high-grade Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP), it has 600mm diameter. The sphere, typically in aviation orange, white, or red, is placed on the highest line. When multiple lines exist at the highest level, alternating white and red or white and orange spheres enhance visibility.


Standard FAA, ICAO Standard
Color Orange, Red, White, Orange/White, Red/White
Sphere body polycarbonate
Cable clamp Aluminum
alloyBolts/nuts/washers Stainless steel 304
Diameter 600mm
Weight <7.0KG
Drain holes Yes
Optional Preformed Armor Rods Reflective
StripVisible Distance 1200 meters
Voltage Range 35KV-1000KV
Wind load 240km/h
Conductor diameter 10-34 mm
Operating temperature -40C-55C


Q89CU03 – Conductor Sphere

Additional Information

Article Number: Q89CU03
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation
HS-Code: 94054039
Warranty: 2 Years

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