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Q-Aviation is the Dutch manufacturer of Helipad and Helideck lighting equipment and designs high-quality electromechanical products for use on ships, offshore installations and landing sites such as on buildings (onshore). These products are suitable for all climatic conditions, from extreme cold to tropical heat. Q aviation has produced a special function for these products. High quality and durability of the product are the strengths at Q Aviation.

All products are made of the highest possible material and according to all aviation regulations. The Helipad and Helideck products are according to ICAO and FAA.On this page you will find the latest developments in this area. You can also view the latest projects that Q Aviation has delivered. We are looking forward to your opinion!

Portable Airfield lights

by Q Aviation / 10 October, 2023
blog post

The Q-Portable Perimeter (TLOF) Light is low in maintenance Light and has an easy deployment. The Light fixture can be used as stand-alone Light or in a multiple Light system with an Q-Aviation Lighting case or Trailer kit.

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by Q Aviation / 16 Juni, 2022
blog post

AVAILABLE SOON - The Q-MIOL is an ICAO and FAA compliant obstruction light. The MIOL should be used to mark high rise structures with a height between 45-150m. The Q-MIOL has an effective designed optical and thermal performance to have a long life expectancy and is low in maintenance and easy for installation. The light fixture can be used as stand-alone light or in a multiple light configuration with a Q-Aviation controller.

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Wind Direction Indicators

by Q Aviation / 03 Juni, 2022
Q-Wind Direction Indicators

The Q-Wind Direction Indicator is produced according to our high quality standards. The Q-Wind Direction Indicator is made from Aluminium or Stainless steel. The customer can choose between Unlighted, Internally Lighted, Externally Lighted or Solar Internally Lighted versions. Our wind direction indicators are sold with Full LED solution and low power consumption. All our wind direction indicators are in compliance with ICAO, FAA and CAP437.

Orange Windsock

by Q Aviation / 11 September, 2018
Orange Windsock

Proud to present our latest high-end windsock assembly. This model is FAA orange powdercoated. It is both available in a portable and/or solar solution as a rigid solution. The perfect solution for your airport.

Offshore project in India

by Q Aviation / 20 August, 2018
Offshore project in India

On August 20th the Q-Aviation team has finished another offshore project in India. The complete helideck lighting from Q-Aviation has been installed, tested and already in use. On the video taken by a drone you will find a complete overview of all the Q-Aviation lights such as: Q-Perimeter Light, Q-Floodlight, Q-Status Light, Q-Status Light Repeater, C&H System, HAPI with Stabilization platform, Obstruction Lights and the Wind Direction Indicator

WDI Igualada Aerodrome

by Q Aviation / 25 June, 2018
blog post

The airport Igualada-Odena is only 45 minutes from Barcelona and Lleida and Tarragona 1h, very well located and with a huge asphalt job. Q Aviation supplied the WDI Internally Lighted Aluminum

Beacon Lights

by Q Aviation / 19 June, 2018
blog post

A wonderful installation of Q-Aviation where we want to highlight our Q-Beacon System. This is the light that guides the helicopter pilots to their heliport. The picture shows the beacon light being installed on a pole, which is mounted in a limited obstacle zone of a landbased heliport. Another project demonstrating Q-aviation lights.

Our Newest Product

by Q Aviation / 10 June, 2018
blog post

Creating smart products. For this article I want to highlight our newest and most advanced aviation light. But first I would like to talk about the definition of a smart product: for our field this means that lights are self-aware of their surroundings. They have the ability to react to any change - be it their positions, their modes, their operating temperatures or other factors. We have applied this technology to our newest Heli Approach Path indicator!......

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