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Offshore | Q-Hapi controllerHapi controller

Hapi controller

  • ICAO annex 14, CAP437
  • Certificates

    CAP437 ICAO

    Technical details

    IP67 CE ROHS

    Datasheet, Manuals and Drawings

Details Q-Hapi controller

The Q-Controller For HAPI System is needed to control the Q-HAPI. The Q-HAPI System is very easy to adjust on site and it is designed to be visible during day- and night-time.

The intensity of the Q-HAPI can be manually switched at the Q-Controller For HAPI System during night-time or day-time to the following intensities: 10%, 30% and 100%, according to ICAO annex 14.

Q72RI03C2 – Q-Controller for 2x HAPI System


A This product must be connected to the Q-HAPI (Q72RI03/ Q72FR03/ Q72RI01). The Q-HAPI is sold separately.
B) When a complete helideck/heliport package is offered, the Q-Controller for HAPI system, can be built in the Q31WMX/R/S Control Systems.

The intensity of the Q -HAPI can be manually switched during night - time or daytime to the following intensities: 10% , 30% and 100% according to ICAO annex 14

Additional Information
Article Number: Q72RI03C2
Manufacturer: Q-Aviation B.V.
HS-Code: 94054039
Warranty: 2 Years
Product Specifications Q-Hapi controller
Application: Helideck
Hazardous area: Safe Area
Light Color: N/A
Light Source: N/A
Enclosure: Steel, Powder coated RAL7035
Mounting: Wall mount, 4x M8
Input Voltage: 100-240 VAC 50-60Hz from circuit breaker C20A
Tested Ambient Temp: -25°C to + 60°C
Cable bottom entry: 12x M25x1.5
Cable size: 12 - 19mm
Consumption: 5 Watt
Life expectancy: 100.000+ hours
Output: 1 x Q-HAPI power (3x2,5mm²)
1 x Q-HAPI signal (14x1mm²)
Cable: H07RN-F 3x2,5mm²
Ingress Protection: IP54
In Compliance With: ICAO annex 14, CAP437
Intensity modes: 10%, 30% and 100%
Fault detection: Yes, Potential free relay
Flash sequence: 2 Hz
Cable glands included: 12x M25x1.5
Inrush Current: 60A / 375µs
MAX. No. of units: 7 units on a C16A Circuit breaker
Size and Dimension
Weight: 11.9 Kg
Dimension: 210x300x400mm (LxWxH)
Dimension Packaging: 430x310x300mm (LxWxH)
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