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  • Q-HAPI - Helideck & Helipad Lighting Equipment

    Q-Aviation HAPI
    Helicopter Approach
    Path Indicator

    The Q Aviation HAPI is available in three basic models

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Q-Aviation TD/PM
    (Circle and Letter H)

    The lit TD/PM Circle is superimposed on the yellow painted marking.

  • Q-Aviation Perimeter Light Equipment

    Helideck & Helipad
    Lighting Equipment

    Q-Aviation is the Dutch manufacturer of Helideck and Helipad Lighting Equipment.

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Installation and

    Q aviation specializes in installation and assembly of helideck and helipad lighting equipment..

  • Q-Aviation TD/PM

    Wind Direction

    The SS316 Wind Direction Indicator is the Offshore solution for
    the perfect Wind Direction indication.

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