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Price Policy

All our customers are mostly valued and we strongly believe that we can truly help out all of our customers by giving them great service. However we also think that we have to reward our partners with extra benefits. That is why Q-aviation works with partners on various levels. Each level has a certain amount of discount that is based on the total order value done so far. We believe that a partnership must come from both ways. If our partner/reseller has proven their selves to us, we will reward them with even better prices.

All companies may apply for partner, but we will screen our partners carefully. We also have multiple levels for partners to be in. If you want to apply for partnership, please send an email to info@q-avi.com and explain your value as a possible partner.

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To provide you with the correct information about our product , we would like to ask you to contact us via the appropriate contact form or call us

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